Jewish and Interfaith Weddings
Being in an interfaith marriage for more than 30 years, and raising a child, has given me a unique understanding of the complexities of joining two different traditions, and has strengthened my ability to help you, your family, and friends to feel comfortable and joyous at your wedding. With respect for all cultures and traditions, I will help you create a ceremony that honors all individuals and creates a sacred moment.

At a time of loss, there is the light of memory. In a service at a funeral parlor or at the graveside or at the home, or at a memorial service, I will give you and your loved ones an opportunity to move through the pain - perhaps with tears - to a celebration of life.

Baby Namings
When new life is brought forth, we want to welcome that individual and offer our blessings for joy, strength, wonder, love. Whether for an infant or a child adopted into a new family, the ceremony will mark the moment as sacred and give family and friends an opportunity to offer their own blessings.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah
For child or adult, the movement from innocence to acknowledgment and acceptance of being a Jew offers an opportunity to honor and guide the transition through study. Rabbi Mueller carefully chooses material to meet the needs of the individual bar or bat mitzvah student, regardless of age.

Spiritual Guidance
There is a story about Rabbi Zusya, a great Hasidic sage: While lying on his deathbed, surrounded by his disciples, he cried and cried and no one could comfort him. Finally one student said, "Why are you crying? You are almost as great as Moses! Surely God will greet you kindly." The rabbi said, "When I appear before God, I won't be asked 'Zusya, why weren't you as great as Moses?' God will say, 'Zusya, why weren't you Zusya -- why didn't you follow your own path?' "  With guidance we can each find own path, and gain the strength to follow it.

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